Unleash the Purge! 

Game tagline

Bold Dracers: Shattered Dimensions is a fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios and P.M. Games Interactive and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DracerNMent.

 Gameplay Edit

Like other NetherRealm Studios games, Bold Dracers: Shattered Dimensions is a 4D fighting game. And similar to that, players can use interact with any environmental objects. The game will enhanced different featuring of RPG, hack 'n' slash and beat 'em up, also guided an gameplay element is greek.

New to the game is "Purge System" meter, similar to "Rage System" from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, where the player needs to fill up a meter to unleash that move. When "Purge System" is used, it grants one player, a super armor and doubles the damage. Inspired from Injustice games, it features a "Wager" system and stage transitions. There also very special feature, "Ultimate Move", is the most meter when is getting more to activate and goes to brutal damage, wild to making more action like Super Move. Enhancing special moves may increase the damage of the attack, do additional hits, add special properties and so on.

Custom characters to make yourself, new features about the Hylongsertia to make extreme explosion and the Unimascer to make the apocalypse of the world. There might be slight differances as hight and shape would be differant, but overall it would as close as possible. Much liked Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct, if showing that finishing move is fasher at call "Dying" at opponent will be killed.

Modes Edit

  • Arcade
  • Versus
  • Story
  • Battle Online
  • Store
  • Time Theater
  • Stamb Hallway
  • Options

Characters Edit

Playable Edit

  • Ac'Torrial*
  • Aerik Morrowind
  • Akane Hino
  • Alisa the Daedric Knight
  • Annol
  • Aqua
  • Apnex
  • Baamfoul
  • Blackseeker
  • Bikien*
  • Caltiqun
  • Chelsea Antonio
  • Crashsmash
  • CYPHER300
  • Dangwang
  • Destiny
  • Evdore
  • Frester
  • General Ben
  • GeoDNA
  • Haneflax
  • Huntix
  • Intrube*
  • Jesson & Dryslop
  • Jestylia
  • Kanngar*
  • Kevin Martin
  • Londorber
  • Lucas Warner
  • Major Lanker
  • Mary
  • Miguel Rodriguez
  • Miss Sendy
  • Miranda Kneader Martin
  • Miyuki Hoshizora
  • Nao Midorikawa
  • Naskurd
  • Normah
  • Orcreat
  • Paradox
  • Penny the Penguin
  • Purple Monkey
  • Reck
  • Reika Aoki
  • Rya Slyue
  • Salyny
  • Tearluki
  • Vamtire
  • Vanhuart
  • Worgen
  • Xeral
  • Yayoi Kise
  • Zonkclank