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Elora is a the daughter of a elven villager in Alfheimr, land of the elves. When Belial attacked Alfheimr, Freyja, sister of the Elf King Freyr, has chosen Elora to venture into the outside world and slay the evil demon prince and do something about the artifact he keeps to himself called the Sphere of Wonders.

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Alfheimr, a world home to a race of inhumanly beautiful spirits called elves. Elves have been worshipped in natural spots such as trees and waterfalls. Ther are many variations of elves, from the light elves, to dark elves, and then we have common elves. Elora herself is a common elf. When Belial grabbed hold of the Sphere of Wonders, he spoiled himself and went on to attack everything in existence, even other worlds. Freyr, King of the Elves, was to figure out a way to stop Belial form coming, but to no avail. Initially, his sister Queen Freyja encouraged him to find someone worthy of slaying the wicked-hearted Prince of Darkness. Elora was chosen to be a champion for the realm. Elora, guided by Freyja, is now off to the human world and destroy Belial before it is too late.

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Elora's fighting style is only the strong haved to defeat enemys, his abilities looks different but if also she is marvelous. She is the Elf Champion though is main offensive class and gived to learn of next passive skills.

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  • Light Shot: Elora shoots a ball of light from her shield at her opponent.
  • Sword Upper: She jumps up with an upward slash.
  • Green Wind: She slashes horizontally, making a crescent shaped energy projectile that flies to her opponent.
  • Shield Bash: She bashes her opponent in the face with her shield.

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  • Freyja, Guide Me!: Elora raises her sword up and shouts, "Freyja, guide me!". The Alfhjorr begins to glow bright yellow and she stabs her opponent in the face. The blade glows so bright it expands and a burst of light blows the opponent's head off.

Quick Deaths Edit

  • Light Shot: The opponent blows up into bones and guts.
  • Sword Upper: The opponent is split in half.
  • Green Wind: The opponent's torso is sliced off the lower body.

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Epic Blades

The Alfhjorr rises down from a pillar of light and Elora grabs onto the sword. She twirls it and says, "This is for Alfheimr!"

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Epic Blades

Elora turns around and thrusts the Alfhjorr to the ground. She kneels before Freyja and says, "Thank you, Freyja, for assisting me." and an image of Freyja appears before here.