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Somchai A-Wut is a world-renowned champion of the martial art called Muay Thai. He comes from a Humble Village that hasn't been attacked for centuries until a sinister figure named Mad Alchemist, also nown by his real name as Edmund Gareth, raided his village stolen a Sacred Buddha statue and took it with him for his Twisted Purposes. Somchai must get the statue back from Edmund.

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Edmund Gareth a.k.a. the "Mad Alchemist" haved stole the Sacret Buddla statue in the village somehow. As Somchai A-Wut (who haved trained Muay Thai) must stop Edmund Gareth and bring it back the the Sacred Buddha statue.

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Somchai haved been trained in Muay Thai, the real fighting style at the game, this used beign so much like Muay Thai characters (Jax Briggs, Sagat, Joe Higashi, Hwa Jai, Adon, Bruce Irvin, etc.) though the wild attack and is showing that super strength above the blame champion of the Muay Thai.

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  • Wind Shot: Somchai shoots a small, hoop-like whirlwind at his opponent.
  • Flying Knee: He jumps up at his opponent with a knee strike to the head.
  • Hanuman: He uppercuts his opponent with his flaming fists.
  • Kick Crescent: He charges towards his opponent with his leg extended, along with knee. 

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Death Finishes Edit

  • Burning Tsunami: Somchai swings his fist and then thrusts it, creating swirling fire that hurdles at his opponent, causing him/her to burst into flames.
  • Kickthrough: Somchai steps back and then comes to impale his opponent in the abdomen with one kick. The opponent start puking out blood and intestines and Somchai yanks his leg out of the abdomen. The opponent falls down dead.

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Brutal Fists

Somchai punches two times and then kicks. He goes to his Muay Thai stance and says, "This battle will be the death of you!"

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Brutal Fists

Somchai laughs and crosses his arms. He says, "The more you know!"